About us

Black truffle producer


Here at Negra we love our forests.

We promote and defend foraging out of respect for the landscape wher we were born as well as an homage to our family traditions, wild resources and substistence way of life. 

We are mushroom hunters and truffle growers.

We do manage our own plantations in Catalonia and work to preserve living, open and dynamic forests.

We respect the cycle of nature by favoring biodiversity in our organic-growing properties. At Negra we work to bring you a finest product that emerges ephemerally in our land: real, fresh black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) in season, weekly hand-picked when it's fully ripe, selected one by one to ensure the highest quality.

Because we want you to enjoy a unique, fine product with a strict seasonality and an unforgettable aroma in cooking. Simply truffle.

A project promoted by Aborígens – Local Food Insiders.