Black truffle bacchanal (100g)

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Let's get the party started.

You are not an amateur to truffle. Yo are a gourmand. One of us. Since you are in the game, let's make you play hard with 100g of black truflle of the highest quality (Tuber melanosporum). So as a new lockdown arrives, you will be ready for anything. And remember, always bet on black

  • How many dishes may be cooked with 100g?

So many, but never enough.With an estimated dosage of 5-10g per portion depending on the desired intensity, you may keep Christmas going for a few more weeks with a full black truffle tasting menu for your family or friends, or maybe shre it with someone special who is worth it.

  • How can I use it?

More than few tips, you may need a full recipe book. Sadly we don't have time to write it, but at least we can share some of our own Recipes with black truffle.

  • How is the shipping and how long will it take to arrive?

Both shipment to specified countries and tax are included in the price. The truffle will be well-protected and packaged before it's delivered to your doorstep by express courier. Check our Shipping page for terms and further details.